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What are some attributes of great rappers and MCs?

  • Rhyming skills – this doesn’t necessarily mean how fast you are as a rapper or how many tongue-twisting couplets you squeeze in a bar or how complex your rhymes are. If you can do it, great, if not, doesn’t really matter. Look at guys like Ice Cube and KRS-One. They weren’t necessarily the most complex rhymers, but they approached their rhyming with a lot of thought and they articulated their point well. Key examples: Tech N9ne, Big Daddy Kane, KRS-One, Chuck D, Rakim, Kool Moe Dee and GZA.
  • Song-writing – the ability to craft a song; hook, structure, lyrics. There are rappers out there who have amazing rhyme skills, but can’t write a great song. It’s not just about demonstrating how nice you are on the mic, you’ve also got to be a songwriter to be one of the greatest. Key examples: Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Treach, Snoop Dogg, and Tupac. 
  • Creativity – How creative are is the rapper with their words? Take a look at Nas, probably the most creative emcees of all time. He’s created songs where he’s rapped from the perspective of a handgun (“I Gave You Power”),  told a story backwards (“Rewind”), written a letter to a friend in prison (“One Love”), played a detective investigating the “murder” of hip-hop (“Who Killed it?”). Key examples: Nas, Andre 3000, Eminem and Common.
  • Storytelling – not a necessity, a lot of great rappers never told stories, but the ones who can weave a heart-stopping narrative with precision are something special. Key examples: Biggie, Scarface, Slick Rick, Ghostface Killah, Ice-T and Kool G Rap.
  • Commercial Appeal – this one’s a tough one. Great rappers shouldn’t have to sell records to be considered great, I mean look at dudes like Ras Kass and Canibus, two of most highly skilled lyricists to ever touch the mic, and they never sold that much. But then again, I think great rappers who manage to attain commercial success are able to leave a deeper impact on the genre. Key examples: Tupac, Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas, Eminem, Kanye West and Lil Wayne.                                   @distilaofficial

Santas Christmas Prayer

Today I was online listening to A Christmas  Worship service from December 2017 from Community Harvest Church in German Town Ohio. As part of the Worship Service I heard the reading of a Poem called  Santa’s Christmas Prayer,. Here are the words: 

Santa’s Christmas Prayer 
On Christmas Eve the other night 
I saw the most amazing sight, 

for there beneath the Christmas tree 
was Santa kneeling on his knee. 
His countenance was different than 
that all-familiar, jolly grin; 
his head was bowed, with hand to breast, 
and slightly tucked into his vest. 
For there in a nativity.
as Jesus and His family, 
and as I heard him start to pray 
I listened close to what he’d say. 
“Lord, You know that You’re the reason 
I take pleasure in this season. 
I don’t want to take Your place, 
but just reflect Your wondrous grace.
I hope you’ll help them understand 
I’m just an ordinary man, 
who found a way to do Your will 
by finding kids with needs to fill. 
But all those centuries ago, 
there was no way for me to know 
that they would make so much of me,
and all the gifts beneath the tree. 
They think I have some hidden power 
granted at the midnight hour, 

but it is my love for You 
inspiring the things I do. 
And so when they begin to open 
gifts for which they have been hoping,
may they give You all the glory, 
for You’re the One True Christmas story.”

Hello. thanks for reading this post” Santa’s Christmas Prayer”. the writer’s name is Alda Maria Monteschio and she is the author and copyright holder of this poem. she originally wrote it to use as a Christmas card.